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I deplore the thoughtless disposal of waste and to ensure I do not contribute to that, I have decided that 90% of all my future work will be made from materials and yarns I already possess, whilst applying my skills to demonstrate particular weave processes in fibre and colour combinations.


Every year 640,000 tones of discarded fishing materials are hauled from the world seas in an effort to reduce the damage it does to the environment and wildlife, it is referred to as 'Ghost Gear' and is man-made in indestructible fibres and coatings.

A particular a project I worked on to highlight this issue is a fisherman's smock which I entitled 'Trapped'. I hand wove the garment in fishing line. The structure is pocketed, each pocket containing items of salvaged ghost gear, the neck and sleeve openings end in fishing net-like structures with drawstrings. Hence the fisherman wearer is trapped in his own waste.

Jenny Jones_Trapped_72dpi.jpg
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