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My work is a continual exploration and investigation of the relationship between fibre and structure, whilst exploring and pushing the boundaries in the processes of hand woven cloth.


Often organic and architectural, my cloth pieces are the result of a methodical and carefully contemplated juxtaposition of warp and weft yarns, introducing tension and space in an unexpected manner. I use diverse fibre and yarn properties to construct expressive, three dimensional surfaces, often introducing layers to cause controlled distortion elsewhere within the piece. Each one, a evidential stage in my journey to move ideas of woven cloth away from the flat planes of fabric. I plan for each one to comfortably inhabit it's own undefined space.


My aim for every piece is to provoke inquiry and reflection. They are designed to invite the observer to query their own ideas about cloth and to consider the potential therein.

Each piece is individually unique.

Jenny Jones_Nudibranch1_72dpi.jpg
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